Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Every goal needs a plan

So I'm going to need to cut costs to save money for the equestrian team. Here are some ways I'm going to do it:

- Make a list of specific items of clothing I want/need, and stick to that list every time I go shopping, unless there is an item $20 or less I really have to have that's not on the list.
- Before buying anything on the list of specific clothing items, go to all the stores' websites that you think could have a similar item to search for the best price.
- If the item you want/need is potentially expensive, check first to see if you can buy it used on Ebay or Amazon, or look at a thrift store. Make a list of all area thrift stores and consignment stores, and make a day once a month to visit them.
- If the item you want/need is a specialty item, like ballet slippers or a dance leotard, look up typical prices on Amazon and save them in a note on your iPod touch. Go to a specialty store to try on the item to ensure a proper fit, then if it is available cheaper online, get it online.
- Make a list of items, clothes and otherwise, that I already have enough of, save it in an iPod touch note, and take it with you whenever you go out. That way, you don't buy anything you don't need.
- Try not to buy groceries at the dining-hall mini markets or the downtown mini grocery stores, because EVERYTHING is more expensive there. Instead, grab a bus token and go to Giant, Wal-Mart, or Wegmans on a weekend.
- Search the Internet for State College coupons, and visit the websites of favorite SC stores. Sign up for rewards and coupon programs.

Anyone have any additional ideas to save cash? I'll also add to this later.

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