Sunday, August 14, 2011

A quick update on riding...

Today I offered to pay $340 of the semester lesson fee of $480 to be on the equestrian team if my dad would pay the remaining $140 and let me be on the team. He said yes. So it looks like I'm on my way. Saw some tall boots at the tack shop the other day on sale for $50, don't think they come much cheaper! I think I'll pick them up, since the shorter paddock boots seem a bit kiddish. Mostly for kids under 13. It was exciting to put my riding helmet in the pile of things to take to college!

Also, got a pair of Saucony running sneakers a few days ago - had a 50% off coupon for employees from my work. Like walking on air so far! I've never actually had real running sneakers - I've had Nike Shox and cross-trainers, because they were recommended for marching band. I plan on taking these to the gym for on the treadmill and elliptical, and then outside once I build some endurance.

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