Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been a rough start, but it doesn't feel like it

3 weeks down, 12 to go. And let me say that the new semester/year/major has been off to an interesting start. And if you look at it from the outside, you might be tempted to say it's been a bad start. But it feels better than the facts sound put together. Here's what's gone on so far:

Week 1 of 15: Got a job working at the campus dining hall: was told I'd be on cash register. Felt happy! Now I won't be broke.

Week 1.5 of 15: First shift at said job. Was made to serve food instead of working register. Hated it, but sticking it out.

Week 1.75 of 15: Was told to wash dishes during second shift. Quit job.

Week 2 of 15: Made reservations for a weekend at Ocean City, Maryland. Was excited!

Week 2.25 of 15: Auditioned for an a cappella group, felt okay about how I did, worried because my voice cracked due to plant allergies.

Week 2.5 of 15: Someone else from a cappella auditions said she got an e-mail for a callback. Got no e-mail. Did not get into group.
Decided to try out for local student-run newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Thought it would be good for journalism experience.
Went to an equestrian team mixer. Everyone was so nice!

Week 2.75 of 15: Found out I didn't make the newspaper.
Also, found out that my hotel reservations didn't go through. No OCMD.

Week 3 of 15: Went home anyway. Went to Renaissance Faire and Hersheypark. Had fun!

Week 3.5 of 15: Had placements for ballet club. Did terrible across the floor. But got close to turnout on my first try!

Week 3.75 of 15: Came home to find bathroom flooded. Dorm suite toilet overflowed. Huge fans are now blasting in our common room and blowing our posters off the walls. Literally.
Was placed in beginner ballet class. No surprise.
Took a bus to the local dance store. Bought ballet slippers and a leotard. Excited and happy!

To come later: meeting my theater club "family" for dinner tonight, PSU vs. Alabama tomorrow, equestrian team tryouts Sunday (WISH ME LUCK! Heels down, toes up...)

Last year all of these setbacks would have had me reeling. But this year? Nada. I don't know, everything just feels...better now. Is it because I switched majors? Or did thinking about switching majors give me a fresh perspective? Whatever it is, this is the most I've enjoyed life in at least a year. Setbacks? Nah. Challenges and learning experiences? Yup. I've got plenty. JUST GO FOR IT.

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