Dreaming big

Welcome to my "bucket list"! You can find the places I'd like to travel under "Travels."

Horseback riding
1. Compete in a collegiate horse show
2. Advance up one level from my current IDA dressage level, from Introductory to Lower Training
3. Place at a horse show

1. Take a rock climbing lesson at an indoor rock gym
2. Take a rock climbing lesson outside on actual cliffs/natural setting
3. Take an outdoor ice climbing lesson
4. Climb Mt. McKinley
5. Climb Kilimanjaro
6. Climb Mt. Everest!
7. Take an advanced-level skiing lesson
8. Take a skiing lesson in downhill racing and/or moguls
9. Be able to ski comfortably on the advanced slopes at major resorts in places like Killington or Jackson Hole
10. Be good enough at skiing to want to upgrade to shorter skis and more aggressive boots
11. Hike from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon all the way to Phantom Ranch and back!
12. Make it to the single black diamond slopes at

Drum corps
1. March a full season in an all-age corps
2. March a full season in a junior corps, preferably a world-class corps
3. Be the drum major of ANY corps (probably will be an all-age corps)

Career-related goals
1. Write for a college yearbook  Fall 2011-Spring 2012, La Vie
2. Write for a college magazine
3. Write for The Daily Collegian
4. Take photographs for a college publication
5. Be on the PR committee for a college organization
6. Be on the marketing committee for a college organization
7. Internship for Backpacker Magazine
8. Get a job writing articles for Backpacker Magazine
9. Work for a travel-related organization

Dance/musical theater/straight theater/singing

1. Community ensemble member – All Shook Up summer 2011
2. Community ensemble member and feature dancer
3. Community ensemble member and vocal solo
4. Community ensemble member and small speaking part
5. Community role and dance captain
6. Community LEAD ROLE
7. Summerstock or regional theater - any role
8. Pit orchestra High school spring musical 2010 - tenor/soprano sax
9. Costume or set design crew
10. Direct a show
11. Musically direct a show
12. Conduct pit orchestra for a show
13. Take private voice lessons
14. Get a vocal coach
15. Take an acting class
16. Take ballet  - Penn State Ballet Club, starting Fall Semester 2011
17. Take jazz - Summer 2010
18. Take tap
19. Take ballroom dance
20. Take hip-hop
21. Perform in a ballet club showcase
22. Be in a dance company
23. Be in an a cappella group
24. Be a model for something that is actually published